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"I've owned my BeefEater BBQ for over 10 years. Its has survived 4 moves, differing climate changes from Winnipeg to London, and constant year round usage. The only thing I have replaced on the old beauty over that period are 8 non-BeefEater BBQ covers. It still amazes me that after the amount of time and torture this griller has endured, I still just turn the knob and it lights. This is the best major appliance I have ever owned. This is my Beefeater"

Sue Rigney
Stainless Steel Signature
3 Burner, Jarrah Wood Cart

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Find out why BeefEater is regarded as a premium manufacturer with cutting edge technology and product innovations like rust free cooktops and trouble free ignition widely available across the entire range.


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BeefEater's 3 Burner Discovery is now avaialable in Canadian stores. Prices start at $999.00.

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